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"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."  B.B. King

About Me

I am a circus artist from Germany, specializing in aerial straps and aerial techniques. Currently, I work as a freelance artist and teacher around the world. Since 2015, I have been giving classes and workshops worldwide. In addition to teaching amateurs and professionals, I have also taught at Circus Academies and venues such as ACAPA in the Netherlands, Circartiveschool in Germany, Cirque Haus in New York, and Petit Volant in Dublin.

Teaching Priciples

In my workshops and classes, I focus on teaching the principles of how movement patterns work. You'll gain an understanding of biomechanics, physical sensations, and how to methodically approach different skills. My aim is to facilitate sustainable learning on both a physical and mental level. I offer workshops from beginners to advanced levels, available in both English and German. Below, you'll find a detailed overview of what I offer.


In my workshops, I focus on teaching the fundamental principles of movement patterns, including biomechanics and systematic skill development.

Write me and let me know which workshop you would like to host at your school or studio. In the document below, you will find more information about the different workshops.

I am happy to adapt to your needs and preferences and look forward to getting to know you personally!


In our one-hour online or live private sessions, you'll have the opportunity to share your objectives in advance. From there, I'll design a customised training session with a variety of exercises and drills to help you reach your goals. Whether you're focusing on aerial straps, aerial hoop or other circus skills, I'll create a session that fits your needs and rigging possibilities. Let's work together to elevate your circus skills and achieve your goals!

Next Workshops

Straps Dynamics

2024 - Nov: Mexico City

More infos will come in September!

Possible Privates

2024 - Nov: New York

2024 - Nov: Montreal


- Garrett Schniewind -

Sera is a fantastic coach. As someone who is a coach and has gotten straps coaching from some of the best coaches in the world, I was very impressed. He explained things in an easy to comprehend way, he had a good eye for things I could improve upon, and had actionable drills to work on those weaknesses. I had a great time and was impressed by him as a coach in both his workshop and private lessons. 

- Alexey Velizhanin -

"I love to take classes with Seraphim!

He is very good at paying attention on small details . 

He always adapt the program to me personally and according to my body condition. He makes it safe and easy for me to achieve my straps goals! 

But what I am super impressed with, is how he understands the body mechanics and how to restructure the exercises to my personal needs. 

He can point out my struggles and why it is happened and always finds a way to help me, which is why I was able to develop much faster!"

- Alejandro Perdomo -

"In his Workshops/Courses, Seraphim provides very detailed training, with a great understanding of general movement, Straps, and the Body. He has helped me to understand how to become more aware of my own body/movement. With many different exercises, Seraphim teaches how to progressively advance into basic to advanced Straps movements. He also keeps a good balance in providing each student with individual feedback on how the student can advance. I am Very grateful to have found Seraphim in my Straps learning process, and look forward to continuing learning from/with him!"

- Arthur Hong -

"I recently attended Sera’s aerial straps workshop in NYC, and I was thoroughly impressed not only with his deep expertise on a wide range of straps technique but also his originality and teaching style. Sera began the workshop with a fun and comprehensive warm-up, where I learned some new shoulder stabilizing exercises that I haven’t seen before and now incorporate as part of my everyday warmup. Throughout the workshop we focused on dynamics, waist rolls, and choreography. His focus on progressions and foundational techniques for swinging was invaluable, helping me to re-pattern my swings to be more efficient and made complex movements feel more achievable. I also very much appreciated how Sera included some of his own original choreography, which added a unique element to the workshop specific to his artistic style. After the workshop, everyone took a few private lessons with Sera as well, and it was clear that he put a lot of thought into crafting programs catered to each individual’s skill level/goals. I highly recommend learning from Sera if you have the opportunity!"

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