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Before I got into the field myself, Artists were already my hero’s. When I finally started to take my own path, these heroes became my inspiration and drive to work hard and take responsibility for my life as a Performer and Teacher. 


Growing up in a small town in Germany as the youngest of three children, I was raised to be independent and follow my goals and dreams. When I got in touch with Circus at the age of 14, I directly found a community where people cared about one another. This did not only inspire me to work on my skills five days a week but also to consider becoming a Circus artist as a full-time job.


After graduating from school in 2017 I decided to join the Circus trainer education at Circartiveschool to become a professional teacher and simultaneously prepare for the application to a bachelor’s degree in Circus Art.

In this year at Circartiveschool I learned that finding a productive and resourceful way of working is the key to finding my own path as an Artist as well as it is the foundation for my work as a teacher.


As I got accepted at Fontys Academy for Circus and Performance Art, a four-year study program which is designed to help you become an independent and skilled Artist, I knew that I would be in the right school to develop my Artistic identity and to deepen my skills as a professional teacher.


Through performing in different Shows and Events and experiencing valuable moments as a teacher, I was able grow as a circus artist but also as a person. This made me understand that being open for new opportunity that appears along the way will help me grow, give me work and will eventually inspire me and others.

In 2022 Daniel Fernández and I found Company

ALUD. Our company produces shows and acts that blend together dance, aerial straps and theatre.

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